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The Icg Telecom Group operator hosts the number you are looking for . The number is located in the town of Covington, KY . Our database on phones line tells us information: Landline . The phone number has been registered in the us . The numbers being registered in this region all start with the number 859. After research, the median income of the city is 35460, so you can know in which segment of the population can be numbered . The city of residence of the owner of the telephone number includes 40997 inhabitants,. The last census of population and territory tells us that the land area of the city is 34156842 m2. The addition of all the market area and lake of the region gives 1482300 m2. The Zip code of the area where the phone number is located is included in the following numbers:41011, 41012, 41014, 41016, 41019

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