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According to our information, the company New Cingular Wireless PCS DC hosts the number search . Our information tells us that the owner lives in the city of Sayre, PA . The telephone operator Cell Number has this phone number . The owner of the phone number used his phone for the last time in the us . The city where the owner of the phone number resides has the area code 570. Our database tells us that the number is in a city with a median income of 38690 . There is 5424 resident in the same city as the phone number ,. The habitable area of the region is approximately 5236375 m2. The area of residence of the telephone number is composed of a body of water of 35098 m2. The postal address of the owner is in the following ZIP code : 18840

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Scam spam how to see?

I will give you some advice to see very quickly, if it's a scam or spam or worse.
If the person on the other side of the phone has a robotic or metallic voice, hang up is a spam!
If the person tells you that you have won the lottery, forget about it! You are not so lucky!
If the person calls you more than 10 times in the hour, it's spam!
Keep these 3 small ideas in the hollow of your head and you will not be pissed but beware the scammers are more and more ingenious!